Did you call me Love

When you call me love

Did you call me love
Is that what you meant 
In a breath
In a word the 
World melts before
Oceans spilling into
Fluffy clouds filled
With rain pouring
Puddles of swishy mud
Beneath our feet
Left footprints in sand
Wash desires our way
Did you call me love
Love is
The blossoms in the soul
Unreachable unchangeable
Steadfast and true
As the heart is fickle
And unjust; a falsification 
Of our minds layered with 
Emotion to pacify
And quell
To pique and flirt
Adjustments formed
Imagined kaleidoscopic
Monuments of a union
Moments of what
Love isn't
Love isn't the inexplicable
Voice in the heart
The core of being
Thus love isn't the heart
The resplendent melodic
Time keeper of our body
Our lives
Thus love isn't life
When you call me love
Did you mean life?
The heart may not love
The voice in the soul
Lives eternally
Did you call me love?

Rohini bhatia singh Mumbai dec 2014

Rohini has been writing creative fiction and nonfiction for past twenty years and enjoys writing lyrics for songs .

Last updated December 29, 2014