Silences still voice

Silence whispered a tear
To me the other day
A tear strretching
Long shadows
Falling into the warmth
Yet heavy moments air
The intangible consequence
Of concrete unbiased time
Measuring the moment
Unable to capture the space
Grains of sand falling like silt
To the ocean floor
The hollow sound of wooden
Floorboards comfort truth
Of many moments
Once filled with heady anticipation
Eclipsed by emptiness now space
Or lack of
Life's randomness coming undone
Opened hinges of a once brimming
Drawer; now slanted elongated
Tears whispering silently
Dried before they reach
The shadow against the window
The long shadows stretching
A dull dewy hue mitigating
The drop of desirous fulfilment
The cusp of another day
Galaxies of promises
Unfulfilled incapable
Insurmountable promises
Etched with dichotomous
Bitter unrelenting cold truth
Silence whispered a tear
Another tear

Rohini Bhatia Singh "silences still voice"

Rohini has been writing creative fiction and nonfiction for past twenty years and enjoys writing lyrics for songs .

Last updated December 23, 2014