Schlummerland - Slumberland / CD

1) Teddy bear is jumping on the bed,
dancing such a bear-dance and and he says
Every child is invited to share
his birthday in the „fairy beary brothers land“

2) The road into the bear brothers land
goes there right through the mirror on the wall
to where all bears are living all in peace
and the rain is made of chocolate and candys!

Chorus: You may have paws - or may have legs
You may like carrots, may like eggs
But once a year everbody makes his way down to the beary brother land

3) Around we fool, turn and toss trough the snow
we dig for golden nuggets at the end of of the rainbow
we laugh and dance until we have a stomach- ache
then i carry you home on my back for bears sake

4) There’s a table done with vegetables and fruit
that smell so very beary good and sweet
then we all toast a yummi maple sap
that gives us funny dreams and power a nap

5) When the sun goes down over the black bear hills
you may hear a grumble out of the bottom of the earth
because in grand-greatfathers bears cave
the little bears are snoring in a good old bears rave

Schlummerland CD / also on "European Playground" Putumayo CD

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Roland Zoss - songpoet, novelist and childrens musician. Born in Berne /Switzerland in 1951. Studies of Anthropology, Languages. music. Since 2000 concerts and publications as independent children’s musician and novelist., Lives on the Aeolian Islands (Italy) and Berne (Switzerland)., Represents Switzerland on "Putumayo Kids" album "European Playground" with Bärengeburi-Bubuland. Famous for his cheeky mouse "Jimmy Flitz".

Last updated August 09, 2011