I See Your Beauty

(For Sophia Walden, my Daughter)

Stars don’t glow just in Hollywood,
Or places where the air is rare.
Poets see some as others should –
Heaven’s bright jewels shining here.
I see your beauty, soft and clear.

Angels appear in varied form –
Especially the ones on Earth!
Their eager allure, light and warm,
Infuse dull days with zeal and mirth.
Each sunrise celebrates your birth!

Nothing is grander than the rose
Night brings to life in darker shades –
Enchanting as each petal glows,
When soft lights glitter in its glades!
Absorbing light … as daylight fades.

Let heavenly habits bring your soul
Delight … and joy … in all you do!
Ensure that Love supports your role –
Nirvana’s bliss will comfort you.


Ronald G. Auguste

Last updated June 09, 2014