Jewels Should Sparkle Daily

(For Juliet Auguste, my Granddaughter)

Jewels should sparkle daily in your eyes,
Until sweet sleep induces them to rest.
Let hopes and dreams, on wings throughout your skies,
Incite your soul to soar among the best.
Each thought you bear should pass an Angel’s test!

Thoughts can, if noble, enrich all your life –
Vouch safely to your mind pure paths of gold!
Indeed such thoughts can save your heart from strife;
Void all bad habits trying to take hold;
Infuse your soul with virtues free from mold.

All through your life, such thoughts can show the way,
Nirvana being the place to which they lead.
Be well aware the best can go astray,
Lured, lacking proper thought, to baseless creed.
O may the heavens guide your word and deed!

Observe true self-respect in all you do.
Mark jest or duty with pride’s precious aim.
Feast with your friends – the ones who care for you.
In all that matters, they’ll enhance your name.
Enlist their aid, my dear, and share the fame.

Love that is sure and true is hard to find,
Despite a fervent longing in the soul!
Attest to all Love’s treasures in your mind.
Unfettered by despair, they’ll keep you whole.
Given such love, be kind; stay in control….

Unblemished by regrets, sleep well at night.
Sleep, with your mind at ease, devoid of cares.
Trust that your life will be long years of Light,
Each day of wholesome joy, none in arrears!


Ronald G. Auguste

Last updated June 11, 2014