Who is the Bogeyman?

“The Bogeyman will get you!”
That’s what Nana said.
“Brush your teeth and say your prayers,
And don’t get out of bed!”

But Grannies scary warnings,
Of this unknown, frightful fiend,
Is something I’ve often thought about,
What did Granny mean?

Who is this horrible Bogeyman?
This creature of the gloom.
The one who must use GPS,
To find you in your room.

Just where does he come from?
A land that time forgot?
Does he live in a bogey Castle,
That’s constructed out of snot?

Is there just one bogeyman?
He cannot work alone.
I bet there’s lots of Bogeymen,
Who stay in touch by phone.

What credentials have they gathered,
To join this Bogey Mob?
They must have passed an interview,
To wind up in the job.

Me, I’ve never seen one,
So these things I’ll never know.
I’m grown up, I’m older now,
And still wait for him to show.

If you meet a Bogeyman,
Don’t worry ‘bout what he’ll do.
I bet he only picks your nose,
To make a Bogey Stew.

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I have always been passionate about writing. Words can be beautiful, powerful, they may make us laugh, or perhaps weep. Words can make sense of our inner beings; or like me, they may convey a warped sense of humor!, Im an accredited Counsellor; currently working with traumatized young people; obtaining my MA in Counselling in Australia; a country where I live and work., Narratives are important in my work with young people, and I often find poetry to be an excellent medium from which to explore our inner worlds and feelings. Of course, poetry can also make us laugh; something of equal importance :)

Last updated September 15, 2011