Eight Months Old

by S. K. Kelen

Sun rising brings a chuckle from the boy’s
lips as he balances a truck in one hand
and crystal ball filled with flying ducks
in the other then rolls them off diving
& tumbling after, with luminous laughter.
A big morning’s work before the day’s
lesson delivered by the world’s
suddenly wisest master:
Only a turkey pulls a tiger’s tail,
Never argue with a real truck
or hit a hardwood tree.
Chairs are really parallel bars
for gymnastics leading to stars,
galaxies at the dreamy carpet’s edge.

S. K. Kelen's picture

S. K. Kelen is a widely published Australian poet. His most recent books are Goddess of Mercy (Brandl & Schlesinger, 2002), and Earthly Delights (Pandanus Press, 2006)

Last updated July 20, 2011