Claustrophobic World

Acid rain drowned her lagoon
Torrents of stormy dolefulness and gloom
The veil of darkness smothered her breath
What is beneath her valley of death!

The seeker who seeks
The seeker shall find
The seeker shall know
What’s afore and behind

Fields of pretence
Fields of regret
Acres of memories
Unable to forget

Furnace of anger
Furnace of rage
Unable to escape
This revolving cage

The air is choking, the walls enclosing
The roof is crushing down
The floor is parting, the room is spinning
Nowhere but underground

The world is suffocating
Words are hemmed in
Faces tightly woven around
Pressurizing further, heaviness descending
Breath cannot be found

Voices compelling, force exerting
Screeching whispers abound
Deafening silence seeking
Hyperventilation creeping
Overpressure confound

Images tormenting
Cognition recurring
What is left to be drowned?


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Love life.

Last updated June 13, 2013