The voices of a Leaf

I am what I am
Just a lonely leaf on a tree,
Surrounded by so many,
Yet more solitare than any.

I reach out for the sunlight,
But there wasn't enough to share,
I wished I could take flight
To somewhere where others care.

I am just a lonely leaf on a tree,
How I wish mother nature with notice me,

My voice unheard,
Drowned by the noises around,
My song unsung
As I float to the ground.

My end has come
But none seem to care
My life so glum
Its difficult to bare

I lay unnoticed on the ground
with a thousand more scattered around
But while my eyes deceived me,
And what my heart was blind to see,
My true worths form
Hidden within me.

I saw myself insignificant to my tree
Yet the soil beneath her welcomed me,
With open arms and warm sincerity,
She received me with such gentility
Finally at the end, she whispered to me
for then I realised my true destiny
I surrendered myself for My end was served
To benefit all till eternity.


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Love life.

Last updated October 10, 2011