Once Again

In my shivering nights of coldness
and loneliness of my dying heart
Of it tears
that cannot be wipe with any allurements of beauty
of any woman
But your love my dear is it’s handkerchief
to bring back its life, to make the flowers blossom again
and to make the rain stops
and be with you once again
my earthly haven.

Sing with me once again
rekindle this love
that losing its glory and essence
Wrap me once again with your wings my Angel
Soar with me
clinging me with your sweet beak
Let me feel again
the bliss and ecstasy of being with you for the first time

Possess me with your enchanting smile
So I can write a poem
with this cramped fingers longing to touch your face
A poem which world will renown my real feelings over my Pride
Come my beloved, and take this torn of agony in my heart.

Listen to the deafening clamor of my heart my dear
Singing our Song
that buried deep down in your frigid soul
Our memories are still alive!
I know it’s still alive
Awaken it once again.
once again my beloved
Once again…

John Ryan O. Morales

Last updated April 09, 2011