Tea with Milk

Salah Jahin

Four hands at [the] breakfast [table]
Four lips drinking tea with milk,
kissing, embracing the light of day
between her chest and his, between the
two smiles
And embracing the love that brought
them together
At breakfast.
They embrace the sun that stirs the
and slips in between their threads,
with the breeze,
and into the room to trace itself on the
on the rug, they bought with their
marriage furniture,
on the love that they bought without
and on the glass.
They drink tea with milk
in two coups
At [the] breakfast [table] four hands,
and two wedding rings.
They awaken my heart every night in my
In bright light, the colour of the pistachio
on the black space and on the sleeping
they write the word: Peace.

Last updated September 23, 2022