"Defense, But Not Defiance"

by Samuel Lover

Samuel Lover

Song For The Rifle Volunteers Of Great Britain In General
Come, let our silver bugles ring-
(The gift of grateful beauty)
Whene'er they call we'll gaily spring
To do a soldier's duty.
Our banner fair a vow records
On which we build reliance,
To guide our aim, to bless our swords-
"Defence, but not Defiance."
Then let our silver bugles ring, &c.
Our banner yet unchalleng'd flies,
A homely motto bearing,
Long may it float in peaceful skies-
Record no deed of daring;
To Britain's ancient glory we
May point with safe reliance,
So let our quiet motto be-
"Defence, but not Defiance."
Then let our, &c.
Let Victory spread her crimson wing
At despots' dark invoking,
For us-to war we'll never spring
Unless at dire provoking.
No lust of foreign glory stains
The Volunteer's affiance,
He would but guard his native plains-
"Defence, but not Defiance."
Then let our, &c.
Like other dogs, "the dogs of war"
Have different modes of fighting:
Of one-the bark is worse by far;
Of t'other-worse the biting.
On such a fight-the money down-
I'll bet, with safe reliance,
And name the stake-a British crown-
"Defence" will beat "Defiance."
Then let our, &c.

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