Lies within Truth

by Sanna Khalid

I just want to write whats on my mind
Despite of what I might find
Looking into my eyes is like looking into a blind mans eyes
The darkness cuts out all what I hold inside
So I spark my ink to let my emotions ride
They start shooting everywhere like the oceans tide
I see men in suits everywhere trying to hold me down
Just like a mayrter I'll give my life for my soul
Because they took ours so we cant let our emotions show
The dead troops is the only thing they show
What about my people what about the pain we hold?
Not good enough for your eyes so you only broadcast your own
You killed my mother and I never met her before
My brothers and sisters are dieing one by one
My unborn babies are crying before their born
My family screams 'save me' they're trying to hold on
So where are these weapons of mass destruction?
You've got Saddam and Bin Ladin
Why are you still hunting and causing mass corruption?
Oh ya...You haven't got the oil yet, quit frontin'
Like you think we know nothing
We're not blind we see what you came to do
Fuck Mr Bush I see your lies within truth
All that lies within you

.32 years old from London

Last updated May 31, 2011