Song of Longing

by Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger

Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger

Softly you strike a note in your song -
and you feel like something is missing.
And you search confused at all sounds,
if they can't tell you
where to find it, where and how and when...
But one is too pale
and too lascivious is the second
and the third is so full of expanse -
way too full.

You're looking for a long time - minor and major and minor
come alive in your hands.
And then suddenly you hit a key,
and - there is no sound.
And your silence is like a dull mockery,
because suddenly you know it very well:
You are missing this one. if your hands found him
the spell would fall from your song,
the end was no longer empty and grey.

And you stir and stir the button -
ask yourself where the inhibition lies here,
seek whether the softness of your hands won't win,
your eyes are begging for desire.
No sound comes. Loneliness is now a guest
in the song that matured so heavy and sweet for you.

You will now fear forever for the unplayed note,
fear for the happiness that only touches you lightly
in the quiet nights when the moon rocks you
and the silence doesn't understand your tears.


Last updated January 10, 2023