The Spring passing away

The river is a river everyday
The bridge everyday is a bridge
The driver, jeep, contractor
All the same …
Why the mind
doesn’t go beyond these?

Looking around that day
I witnessed the trees
Passing away was
the Spring.

Passing over the Kurjan bridge
I saw the sky full of clouds
Expanding was the Ganga
A momentary sparkle of joy
and then –
the same driver
same jeep
same contractor

Even if these all change
Even then season won’t

Trees of Chinar
or Devdar
I don’t recognize
Enter in poetry
enter in mind
the names of
Kashmir, Himalaya

Opposite my home
from Peepal tree
Bird droppings continue
round the clock
The recognition of that tree
is out of poetry

What sort of forgetfulness
I forget many things
Also very lazy I’m
I don’t see even
the vicinage

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AUTHOR'S/ POET’S PROFILE :, Shailendra Chauhan, Shailendra Chauhan (b 1954) is a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering. He works as Deputy General Manager in a Public Sector Undertaking of Govt. of India., He writes poems, short stories, criticism of Hindi literature as well in English. His published works are:, Poetry Collections:, 1) 'Nau Rupaye Bees Paise Ke Liye' (1983), Parimal Prakashan, Allahabad, 2) 'Swet Patra' (2002), Sanghamitra Prakashan, Vidisha (MP), 3) 'Eashwar Kee Chaukhat par' (2004), Shabdalok Prakashan, Delhi, Short Stories:, 1) 'Nahin yah koee Kahani nahin, ' (1996) Sharada Prakashan, Allahabad, Memoirs/Reportaz/Biography:, 1) 'Paanv Zameen par' (2010) Bodhi Prakashan, Jaipur, 2) Freedom Fighter Sh Kundan Lal Gupta, 3) Thakur Mahaveer Singh, He has been editing an unscheduled little Magazine “Dharati” since 1979. He regularly contributes to literary Hindi and English magazines., He lives in Delhi and can be reached at his emails : or &, mobile no. +91 7838897877

Last updated June 14, 2013