Fighting for no reasons,
Making me cry for nothing.
For all the fights we fought,
And all the tears I shed.

Everything you mean to me,
You could never know,
In all the ways you've changed my life,
I could never show.

The way you take care of me,
You are my shinning star,
And though its so incredible,
That"s just the way you are.

Even though we are far apart,
I always dream of you.
i know you are
My precious little bro!

Shashini Fernandez

Hi! I am Shashini Fernanadez, I am from Sri Lanka, and I am a student from Gateway College Kandy. I am really interested in poems, and i love writing poems during my leisure time. As i am busy with my school work, i always keep time for my poetry. I am still a beginner. I"ll be doing my very best to publish good poems in the future.

Last updated September 15, 2011