Joker of the Pack

One card in a 52 pack,
Is a joker with no knack,
Should he be sacked for his lack,
The system shall go off track,

Wonder what keeps them ticking?
Perhaps a tea spoon of tricking,
Or a little bit of boot-licking,
And a bottle full of mimicking,

Smothering the scruples of honesty,
Kissing the cheeks of travesty,
Strangling the neck of meritocracy,
Cutting away the wings of democracy,

Thriving on shoulders of nepotism,
Running away like shameless escapism,
Driven by the apparent ranks of hierarchy,
Shying away from the moral duties of patriarchy,

The king of hearts wakes up in pain,
A growing turmoil inside him rakes up in vain,
Crushed under the heap of the rising clutter,
His wings find no room to flutter,

Forced to go with the flow,
King of hearts loses his glow,
Spineless, the joker continues to row
Under the false notion of ruling the show,

Slaved by the system,
Defeated by the ranks,
Wonder who is the true joker!
Crushed by politics, who sank!

Mumbai, India

Shekhar Srinivasan's picture

Shekhar hails from the town of Mumbai in India, engaged in the profession of marketing with a specialty chemicals company. He has a penchant for English literature and took up the pursuit of poetry in 2012. Sports and cooking exotic delicacies constitute some of his other hobbies.

Last updated May 29, 2015