Peaceful Battles

"When He wants you to win, why sweat over those that don't"

The time for judgment had come,
Ready to face the trial,
Without being beguiled by emotion,
Or perturbed by denial,

Taking it with a smile on the face,
With no guilt or remorse,
For truth filled every ounce of effort,
With win or loss never in the course,

Some battles are fought with the head,
While some are, purely by the heart,
Peaceful ones bring a welcome change,
Teaching us to master a unique art,

Cherish the experience of failures,
To a select few, they have come,
For those who stood the test of time,
Such an awakening is second to none

Mumbai, India

Shekhar Srinivasan's picture

Shekhar hails from the town of Mumbai in India, engaged in the profession of marketing with a specialty chemicals company. He has a penchant for English literature and took up the pursuit of poetry in 2012. Sports and cooking exotic delicacies constitute some of his other hobbies.

Last updated May 29, 2015