Death Be Not Proud

Here I come again into a dangerous evil death
That is killing all both young and old
As a living power is gifted by the Saints
To withhold power from the king
Holding up the life of the poor
For unto HIS power no one is above
Life still comes after life
Hope after hope
Success after failure
This is the heart hoping in man
But I say, does death come but once ?
As to this power of killing
And by no one can we be killed
Unto you death I call
For unto you there is given power over man
But stop this boasting
As to you no one can be killed
For I say, as you come in a single simple second
So there also a day shall come
When the land shall give up its spirits
Of those saints you have killed
And unto you, your power shall be much lowered
You shall then be cast into your ever dying place
Where you and your father Satan will then die forever

Though by your death I may physically have to die
Yet, forever you shall stay dying
And forever I shall live within the bosom of my FATHER.

Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon's picture

Torm Gardson whose real name is Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon is a poet and a literary critic. He had his high school at Holy Michael High school, Ikirun. He is a published author with his first book title ‘ CALL FOR RETREAT’. He has also had his work published in series of international Anthology such as ‘ The Art of Being Human, volume iv’, ‘unique voice’.He is one of the founder and administrator of the ‘winning pen’ a creative writers organization. He is also the admonistrator of ‘factual Writers Cafe, winning world writers on facebook and has his impact in series of world international organization such as world poetry radio show and world poetry canada and international. He is the creative coordinator of the Onfire creative Movement; in Bangalore Indian. He was born of a teacher as the father and a trader as the mother in Iree, State of Osun of Nigeria.

Last updated July 14, 2015