As long as conscience is not deaf
Pains cannot go in silent exile.
Frustrations are so shameless
Not ready to hide behind a smile.

Who am I to register protest?
Neither a celeb nor a declared activist-
Speechless though having words
Boiling in furry, stinging inside to bleed.

Better I read a news paper
And learn about myself from others
Intellectuals are on speech and
Solutions emerging from their wine glass.

Or just relish some smoke of powder
Then a cozy pillow to rest my head
Getting lost in the Hypnotic world is
The remedy for a soul, yet to be dead!

Sriparna BAndyopadhyay

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Born: 5th December, 1971, Birth Place: Medinipur, West Bengal, India, Parental Place: Dishergarh, Burdwan, West Bengal, India, Father: Asok kumar Banerjee (Bandyopadhyay), Mother: Anjali Banerjee (Bandyopadhyay), Books Published: Abahoman (collection of poetry), Entropy (collection of Poetry), Bagher Masi o Sangopango (Collection of Juvenile strories), Anu-kalpo (Collection of Microstories), Award: Bango Sankskriti Samman

Last updated April 23, 2015