For obvious reasons
Through all four seasons
I get panic about nature’s clue
I dared to built a prison for the Blue

Rain makes me cry
Though clouds always say me…hi…
I get panic about flu
Imprison myself …inside a room…made for illimitable Blue

Winter thrills me little
Reminds me…life is brittle
Another year says me ‘’by’’
Grew older…grew fatter…
I get panic about my age…forget, Rainbow’s hue
Rushed into that cage…meant for endless Blue

Summer makes me sweat
Each time to my mouth …comes my heart
I am sure…this time heart beat is not synchronized
I get panic of being paralyzed
Immediately run for a medical screw
Repaired the prison …where I am trying to put the Blue

Spring compels me to think
Whole year passed by a blink
Oh my…all my confidence starts to sink
I get panic again...’’ All things shall pass…’’ whenever its due
My prison is turned into a rubble ….now there is only a relieved Blue.

I am a teacher by profession and poet by instinct. words are my breathe counts. everyday I inhale and exhale them in a synchronised rythm so that I would considered to be alive.

Last updated December 13, 2011