Rainbow Hues

Crumbled pieces undefined
A splash of colour invisible
Moods of loss and memories destined
Its a rainbow, Its a rainbow

Flowing fabrics woven with words
Wind takes over the game
Oh so beautiful the ugly mind of mine
Its a rainbow, Its a rainbow

Lost in the miseries of the time
Blinded by the passion of the rhyme
Pick up a random lingering thought
Its a rainbow, Its a rainbow

Chuckled at the thought of life
Its a dilemma of the knife
cut or chop, self or memories
Its a rainbow, Its a rainbow

Its a rainbow, black and white
Its a rainbow, invisible light
Its a rainbow so far so near
Its a rainbow, why fear?

Suchi Gaur

Suchi Gaur works with issues at the intersection of gender, health and technology at the grassroots level. She has researched the design and evaluation of communication tools for community communications, and the role of participation in bringing behavioural change towards women in society. Her passion for poetry dates back to school days where she recorded the events as mundane as school assembly, to as international as the 9/11 attack through poems. Writing in both English and Hindi, her poems reflect events that are lost in the empty spaces of night., She was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to research the role of community communications at New York University in 2012-13 as part of her PhD program at Delhi University. A poet who lives on communication, she pens down her struggles of expression through words woven together.

Last updated February 25, 2015