Afternoon song

In the coastal town,
In the silent afternoon shops
That yawn on semi-deserted roads,
The power outages common and long,
And the humid day drips droplets of sweat
A dry hot dust-devil swirls up fast,
Leaving layers of dust everywhere
On the trees and houses,
A miller reads on a hard bench
Under the shade,
A barber talks on his cell phone
Outside his empty shop,
A cobbler sits in his roadside stall
Looking blank at the blank road,
A maid walks gingerly on hot surface,
The bored auto-rickshaw drivers wait for their fares
At the corner stop,
The school kids come back prancing
All of them creating a great Indian urban song.

Sunil Sharma's picture

Freelance journalist, academic, writer and poet, Sunil is from India and published poems, fiction and a novel. He is also literary editor, reviewer, interviewer and critic. He is a bilingual writer who deals with current Indian realities and a globalised world and its impact on his country.

Last updated October 14, 2011