Amor Fati

by Suzanne Buffam

Any idiot can become a genius if she wants it badly enough.

One must study how the crow flies.

One must say to oneself as the crow flies so fly I.

In the dream I am an empty tree. One by one my branches fill with silent crows who have travelled great distances to reach me. Each crow contains a golden seed of knowledge locked in its craw and by containing them all in my humble crown I contain all knowledge of the kingdom.

My attempts to remember are proof in themselves.

At times one must accompany a shadow like the moon above a field of bitter greens.

In this wretched spirit the pilgrim applies herself and is rewarded.

I only felt in the midst of my suffering the presence of a love, she explains, like that which one can read in the smile on a beloved face.

I can’t help what I want.

There is no such thing as a dream that comes true.

Every dream is already true the moment it is dreamed.

Last updated March 12, 2023