The Garden

Wearied by mine anguish
Laden with my strife,
I begged The Lord for mercy
For flowers in my life.

The Gardener took heed the call
My desperate, mortal plea,
And knowing hands, they tilled in love
That life might root in me.

The barren land He found there
My heart, once cracked and dry,
Grew softer as the thorns He pulled
Brought raindrops from mine eye.

It seemed my world was ending
All familiar treasures gone,
Those poisons deep within myself
I'd harbored much too long.

My Savior's smile, tender
As He gently wiped my tears,
"You''ll never miss what's missing
Once I''ve weeded through your fears."

My soil fresh, He planted then
A brand new heart in seed,
"The rest is up to you now child,
They're watered with each deed."

I'd asked The Lord for flowers
Heaven knows we all need some,
Never once though did I fathom
T'was The Garden I'd become.

Born in 1967, I''ve enjoyed writing both poetry & short stories since childhood.

Last updated June 06, 2013