The Call of the Crows

I do not know why the crows are calling
in this time of night, as if it is a morning!
Now,again their spirits dampen.
On the other room, she is an astrologer.
She predicts futures,and she gains
by showing half accuracy and half control over the mind.
But to me,she has never lied.
She says my lucky numbers are 0 and 7.
From zero to seven, from seven to incalculability.
I do not understand what she says;
she is a good person, and she loves me.
But the crows have again gathered their voice, they do not want anyone to sleep, and forget.


Tanmoy Acharjee's picture

To start to tell about myself, I must begin with my dislike for schools, and my love for creativity and freedom. Everything else is just a little less than superfluous. Being a nonconformist, my life has always been a challenging one.Things become really tough if one just demands reasons and answers before one agrees to accept an idea. Most people gladly do it, but I have a problem., I love cats. Especially the sweet ones., I have always been very casual about my career; the reason being that you need a good degree to have a career. But I got other talents to fully compensate that: I am a creative painter. Though I am at my initial stage to become an established painter, I believe I am making good progress at my own pace. Here is a link to my early paintings. I am a big fan of Claude Monet, and Francis Bacon., So, this wraps up somewhat the question of who is me. God bless everyone.

Last updated September 02, 2011