A wise man once told me
Your heart will never steer you wrong
A wise girl once showed me
There is a way to prove that wrong
A wise hand should hold me
You’ve been away for far too long
A wise mouth would scold me
Is this my life, or just a song


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As an artist by nature, and a romantic by trade, poetry is the logical medium for Feliciano to express himself. His poetic style is a hodgepodge: basically whatever escapes the pen. Also a hip-hop musician, as well as a writer of short stories and novels, journalism, screenplays, translation, and amateur philosophy, writing seems to be his closest friend in a world of so many conflicting emotions. He does not limit himself to the page, however. Also a political activist, student of language, and an inquisitive mind that peers into thought from every angle, he is not an artist for the sake of art, but rather for the sake of the world., Most of his poetic works can be found at the website:, http://stewsie.wordpress.com

Last updated October 25, 2011