Monsters under the bed

There are always monsters under the bed.
Sometimes they are simply your wild imagination,
But don’t fall asleep with a sense of dread.
You can simply will them away as utter nonsense.
Sleep with one eye open if you must.

For some of them, you will need some preparation.
Both spiritually and mentally.
These are the monsters of apathy and procrastination.
Motivation and sweat are your best ally.
These monsters would love to destroy you if you let them.
You cannot play possum,
No matter what other people have said.
The night light is not magical,
They will not leave you for dead.

Still, a few others are the real thing,
Even if they do not breathe fire, or wear a slimy coat of green.
We never know what life will bring.
The poker deck is sometimes jilted,
Aces do not always hold up,
And Ace King suited often will just melt.
You need to prepare yourself when this happens
Swing with the punches,
And play the cards that are dealt.

Your arsenal is not empty;
The best weapons are your own keen sense of self.
This is to say your individuality, and your own self motivation.
Together with The sheer joy of having true friends.
And yes, it helps to have a little preparation.
So, it is certainly ok to check under the bed
Once in awhile,
Or possibly forever.

Thomas J Camp

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Challenged writer wishing to better express ideas and reflections to improve the human experience and thereby the condition of same, while on my short stay here on planet earth.

Last updated April 23, 2015