Death of the Legend

I wake and heard the death of the legend
Believing is so hard
I shook my head in dismay
my mind turns sad

Let my pen sing the song of the lose of a great hero.
Let it bow to weep
And speak bitterness in words
let tears roll in my heart to produce ink of sorrow
The sun that should wipe our tears
Has faded with a rare hero
death has come
Madiba is gone
To the santuary of holy's
To return no more.

To.- Nelson Mandela

Torm Gardson

Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon's picture

Torm Gardson whose real name is Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon is a poet and a literary critic. He had his high school at Holy Michael High school, Ikirun. He is a published author with his first book title ‘ CALL FOR RETREAT’. He has also had his work published in series of international Anthology such as ‘ The Art of Being Human, volume iv’, ‘unique voice’.He is one of the founder and administrator of the ‘winning pen’ a creative writers organization. He is also the admonistrator of ‘factual Writers Cafe, winning world writers on facebook and has his impact in series of world international organization such as world poetry radio show and world poetry canada and international. He is the creative coordinator of the Onfire creative Movement; in Bangalore Indian. He was born of a teacher as the father and a trader as the mother in Iree, State of Osun of Nigeria.

Last updated July 14, 2015