On getting through it

(remembering 1619, and the enslaved before then)

400 years Black sufferation  
400 years endure the fears
400 years last still first
Still here

Let’s tell of surviving a boat ride. How winds howl blotted out moans loud and entered the soul as trumpet’s growl. That hole at ship’s hip showed heaven – and staring at the stars made her ears eye blind to gruesome. How gruesome was swallowed and gulped back as: Kara’s silent silhouettes as Sugar Sphinx’s who noses never melt off. And how Basquiat’s million dollar scribble stays a mixed blood riddle – Quieted now yet – resounds 

Let’s tell of escaping a scarlet tide. Hiding in the woods with little lives cuz of neighbor’s horror – surprise. Bird song make sanity thrive. Tweets letter to a DNA – that in future days will be: Nina’s classic pouncing piano – Scott Jill jumping a Neo Soul maze. Feather chirps – jazzing Badu haze. MagicMusic is a Black Girl Rock and Healing Wave. AND Brown Sistuh waxed first hip hop album – all parTayy, an UnViolent daze 

400 years Afro adulation  
400 years pushed thru fears
Let’s tell of love that lost, then found.

Up from lynch land or from Carib’ sand – they they they still boss MAN! Tenement tight frozen nights cla clang cla cling rings pipes. Soundtrack to an AfroLatin inner sight. Cruising through Alto Celia azucar flight. Rhythms base unite – conga gets right- Bailamos! – These daze a reggae fusion of Papi Now Daddy making the world a Yankee Dance. 

Let’s speak of uncovered ancient large stone heads named Olmec with Could-Be-Ghanian faces Tell that yesterday they located another American pyramid. Ebony taught that? Let’s speak of stop lights and peanut science and she who uttered #MeToo first – aloud – to the republic and hot combs – let ‘em know that hot combs made the path a bit straighter

Let’s speak of his stop lights, Uncle’s peanut science and she who uttered #MeToo first – aloud – to the republic upon which hot combs stand – let ‘em know that Aunties hot combs did make the path a bit straighter – Chat of ebony ballets granted to Jamison never to be left ailing …Let’s tell how Black creative beginnings THOUGH stamped upon – STILL PAINT – POET…. WE SING 

400 years AfriCan adulation 
400 years laughed thru tears
400 years – last Still first 
Still here

Last updated December 03, 2022