Early ding dong of the town muddy tower never call,
Through the window holes,the pattering,splattering rain,pushes in gentle and pathetic air,
Who caress my full of life skin hair,
Mysteriously,all i sensed at some point is a dancing wall.

Like kite,i wobble down from sky,dash tranquilly on a field,
Hop hop,smarmy birds warble,lovely lovely,grasses touches,strategically,trees stand out,
Holding many sleek,spangle fruits of no doubt,
Calmly,calmly, a white robe approaches,bang bang, my heart tired to yield.

On it head,stark starry stars,twinkling on it crown,
Nearer,she appear,smiling, with immaculate stones in her mouth,
Romantically,she knees,click my leg with her red moist lips of salivary mouth,
Magnetically,lead me to a rose bed,offered her deep ocean for me to drown.

Mysteriously,she growl,licking my face,with her damp tongue,holding tightly,tightly to avoid any asunder,
On top of my bed stands,Billy the Bitch, get of me!!,i strike like thunder.

Student, Department of English Caritas University, Eungu, Nigeria., From Abia state., Hobbies: writing, acting, singing, drawing.

Last updated July 14, 2015