A Slice Of School

I wake up to the morning’s cuckoo
With tumbling feet on little floor to be yet cleaned
My hands give me a quiver when I hear the utensils shiver
A sleepyhead…yet a million thoughts racing in every second ahead

I look across the lawn, small shoes and tidy dress
Seems so perfect on my friends… wish I could enjoy a single days neat tress and learn of the sky above and the oceans so deep
But all I could do was give another quick peep
I clean the fruits, to others this is no big news
For eight years of my life… or as long as I remember… I was treated based on my society’s views
I yearn, I cry,… oh please let me learn
An hour, a minute is my need, to go to school like my friends is my plead
Dusk is near, the end of another day in my endless life
I drench in my own thoughts pool, even thus, I yearn, I cry, just for a slice of school.

Vaishnavi Prakash

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a lot of wonder imprinted in my head ... larger than the universe to a sparrow.

Last updated October 18, 2011