Empty Pages

Wavering million letters awaited
Flawless transient literal hand ahead
A long 'F' of Feel and an apple's start
All slants and scribbles tendered people smart
A hope of horizon not approaching for another million leap years.
Tears stale these white pages many a time
Clear always with peace but a melanchony
Makes me hear this
A Crown of empty mind or an elapse of time renowned.
Memories framed, lands so claimed,
The beholder with an exquisite approval
Can be traded with a fibre of ravaging strength.
Ancient fates told with quiscient hearts
Distances made to a feet and
Heights hit to stumbling nails
To writ or leave the white sea devoid of waves for my love.
A theory that kills with an erased knife
All the major tear of my wages
A story unfolds the writer of every empty pages.

Vaishnavi Prakash

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a lot of wonder imprinted in my head ... larger than the universe to a sparrow.

Last updated September 30, 2011