Deity of my dreams

That day was remarkable,
that day was memorable
on which my heart felt that
it's not alone in this life belt.

when it witnessed its companion,
it became the most coveted of love,
when it sighted its support,
it became the most sacred of solace.

The meeting was magical,
the moment was mystical,
there appeared the "deity of my dreams",
like a pleasant presence in culmination
of my pure penance in her devotion.

My brain was robbed with the rapture,
my heart throbbed with the thrive
of a unique universal utterance
called " she is my angel!"
"she is my angel!"

Till that delightful dusk,
my heart was a reptile of fretful risk.
But it flew with the wings of fertile feel
due to the beauty's invasion on it to heel.

My eyes envisaged her face
and elated with everlasting gaze.
Her pretty glances shot me ,
then became this universe tiny.
(when compared to her fascinating floral eyes)

Till that spectacular scene in my life,
all my senses suffered the spurious noise.
But they've been tuned and tamed
by her natural charming symphonies.

All my organelles were numb
as if they were degenerated.
But electrified by love's amplitude,they vibrated
as an obligation of her gentle touch to succumb.

At last .....
I wished her a spoon of joy,
she gifted me a boon of merriment.
I dreamed of a tiny tabernacle,
she then blessed me a massive mansion
of her eternal deifying dwell in my holy heart .....................

Vasishta Sharma Gudi

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Vasishta is affectionate to both English and Sanskrit literature but pens mostly in English for better reach. Inspired by day-to-day scenarios, his writings capture deep human connections with inner self., He currently works as Data Scientist at Amazon., You can write to him @

Last updated March 14, 2013