Two Half Lives

In the white hot sky
The summer sun,burns
My eyes ,when they peer,far
And near ,
or look high up
or down at the ground..
search through the shadows of the leafless trees
feeling the eerie hush of the dry breeze,
hear the rustle of the lifeless leaves
trod by my feet ,
as I search
for a sign, for a sound
if you had been here,if you had been around.
If not, then where
For nothing else do I care
Pearls of sweat on my face, race
That against hope I might
See what i yearn to seek
My gaze wanders in daylight
A teardrop swims in my eye
I clutch the tree as it understands my plight .
praying for me with outstretched arms ,
towards the endless skies.
Enshrouding the sun,from nowhere,the clouds come
Through the branches of the trees
cool winds begin to hum
a lone raindrop rests in my palm
a vision is forming to the heart is balm
covers of rolling mists over the hills ,so far so blue
and when near I look,
I find you
I turn away with the anxiety of overwhelming relief
Like a disbeliever in sheer belief
On the answering of his prayer
Which could not have been ,
the fragrance of the moist earth spreads
As the raindrops splatter on my face and say
When the heart craves truly and wholly
it can rain on a hot summer day.
My looking your way
My looking your way does wonders to you
Brings a twinkle to your eyes i so like
Your face glowing in some light
like the moon on a starless night
flickering on your lips is a beautiful smile
felt by me from a mile
Our eyes float like the passing clouds
Dodging the attention of the rain soaked crowds
In a moment in two lives, our eyes meet
Celebrating at the crossroads two lonely streets
Making each other precious for a while
But the ardous journey ahead
You leave your back towards me ,it is raining hail now
I sigh , guess it had to be,
But it feels what is going is half of me..
Has destiny taken from our lives
Just then You stop and turn
as sunshine returns
A look of love and concern
glimmers in your eyes
if i realize , and yes I do;
Providence has completed two half lives.

Azam Siddiqui

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Last updated May 15, 2013