Woken up by Beautiful Dreams

woken up early by beautiful dreams
I have some place to go
I wake up on my own
When someone’s waiting for me I know
you laugh at how i can be so sure
I laugh how cant i be so
when I know what i know
Life is scintillating
When for you someone’s waiting
And that someone is who
unknowingly waited so long
Going through the showers
feeling the cold water
getting lost in dreams
looking at the flowers
breakfast doesn’t matter
when near me you seem
Talking to the mirror
Life is such a thriller
When your sight sends shivers
Through the one
Who made your voice quiver so long
Wonder at which corner
Your lips a shy contour
Shall you appear
You shall come my way
I will look away
Turn to see you disappear
I will feel in my heart
and here someone’s still coming
That someone is you
passing before my eyes
now gone forever
my heart’s dreadful premonition
your heart’s hopeful anticipation
you seem to be waiting
you seem to be happy
you look more charming
the guys say
but I cant see nothing
search some tangible expression
for you are in so much tension
I look at your blank face
Your friends laugh when I come
Cant bear to see you with them
Seems its no use for me to lurk here
The guys are waiting for me
I’ll put my bike in the air.
My frustrated aggression
Your suppressed passion
Wait says the light in your eyes
I look harder trying to figure out
your eyelids the modest curtains
hiding your soul ,
they come in between when our eyes meet
we try again ,they too repeat
lips trying to smile ,all this while
of a long uncertainty I am certain.
You seem sincere so I come again
I have never been this way
I have no interest in games
Really hope you wont play
mind thinks its time waste
am almost returning in haste
suddenly in front of me you emerge
in an unknown world, my world is immersed
you seem to know I am here
you move in surreal slow motion
in me surge floods of emotion
your heart seems to have stopped beating
I look at the floor
you look at the ceiling
I wonder how we live without breathing
You turn to me and ask do you know
The whole worlds laughing at us
with us In this show.
girls and flowers,
guys and bees,
trees are swaying in love’s breeze
I wish it happened never
I wish it could go on forever,
But destiny’s ever so clever ,
Lets see you know
My innocent fascination
My eternal emancipation

Azam Siddiqui

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Last updated May 31, 2013