Love's Paradox

I forget him without reminders,
and when I remember, my heart sinks.
I tell myself our love story was gone with the past,
in the winds that carried our wishes and our hearts' only desires.
He is gone, it's been a long six years; imprinted in time and memory.
I've been lonely sometimes when I think of the ways our world had been,
How we waited for forever and a happily ever after!
Our suns were beautiful and sunken red...
I am over him, I don't cry anymore.
But I ponder,
the castles we built in the air; the sweetness of life..
And then a bolt of blue, eternal scars that suffer silent tears.
Love's paradox that I will never understand,
Once a promise that could die a lie.

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A Newspaper Columnist, Poet & Journalist

Last updated June 05, 2013