Birthday Love Song

You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen,
With a soul so pure and heart so clean,
For me it's just the most beautiful you,
Baby there can never be another you,
Words can't describe how beautiful you are to me,
You are ma one in a billion,
You are ma 7 wonders,
Words can't describe how much you mean to me...

Your smile is the most precious thing to me,
It's the most beautiful thing ma eyes can believe,
Love the way when those curves of your lips turn wide,
I adore those sweetest dimples falling deep inside,
It's the prettiest, not even heavens can denie...

I have always adored your pretty eyes,
I promise I will never make them cry,
Baby to you I will never lie,
Never let your smile fade away,
Promise to bring you happiness every second of the day...

Baby you are ma lady luck,
I need no winnings no reason to prove ma luck,
Just with you by ma side making me feel alive,
Bring all the happiness in ma life,
I say, every moment everyday of ma life,
You make it worth living a million times...

I don't fear to say it loud to the world that I will make you ma wife,
Baby you the most beautiful, bestest and the proudest choice of ma life,
I'd proudly call you mine girl,
Together we perfectly fine girl...

Always treat you like princess,
Girl you owe that crown,
Promise to never let you frown,
Nothing in this world can let you down,
Baby when I'll always be around...

I promise to marry you like your dream coming true,
Ask for your hand from your father, that day I will marry you,
Making you mine completely with pride and honour,
That day will come soon that I promise you...

Promise I be there for you everytime you need me,
I be right by your side, just hold me,
Just close your eyes think about me,
I be in your arming holding you close, baby believe me...

I know distance keeps us far,
But baby we can never be apart,
No matter how far we are,
You will always be in ma heart,
I will never let you alone,
I will always be in your soul...

I will be the brighest star on the new moon,
I'll be your sunshine on the coldest afternoon,
I can't reach the skys, but will bring heaven on earth for you,
I don't promise to steal the stars, but I promise to shine like sun in dark for you...

There will be no secrets no broken promises,
I'll be loyal, always be true,
I will never lie to you,
Never will I hurt you, baby that I promise you...
Promise you be ma only one,
And I promise to be your perfect one and for the rest of our life...

I will never raise ma hand, never raise ma voice to you,
But I also promise, I will never let anyone do the same to you,
I will a care for you, I wi look after you,
I will protect you like a soldier,
In ever good and bad times I be your shoulder...

I promise to make your every dream come true,
I will care about your every little wishes,
Just like a fairytale,
You be ma princess,
I be your jini,
Make a couple wishes and I will make it true...

I just wanna share ma whole life with you,
I wanna share this real privilege, to grow old with you, I will love you till the end,
I promise I will never leave your hand,
Promise to hold you till the end...

You are everything in my life,
You fill colours to my life,
You the air that I breath,
You are ma heart that it beats,
You make my life complete...

If I was to say how much I love you,
Total of 7105 languages won't be enough to say how much I do,
You are the most beautiful thing that has happened to me, I will cherish every moment we share,
Baby that I promise I swear...

I just wanna be thankful for the life we have made,
I don't wanna leave ma feelings to be unsaid,
I promise to love you the same till the end, but more,
Coz I fall in love with you everyday a little more...

Ma promises will never end for you,
Words don't have it's limits,
I just can't go a day without complimenting you,
Coz every morning I wake up with a wish to see you smile,
Coz everyday ma only wish is to be the reason behind that smile...

Not just your birthday, but everyday of your life I will make it special for you, 
There are lot many surpises yet waiting for you...

Be mine love Forever...
Ma Beautiful,
I will always LOVE YOU

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Last updated July 18, 2013