Ma Wonders

If i was to say beautiful, i would just say you,
Coz i have never seen someone as beautiful as you,
Have known about the seven wonders around the world, but my only wonder is you
Even they don't seem so perfect, as nothing i can find is more perfect then you...
If i was to start, i would never forget your eyes,
Loose deep inside, coz that's where ma world resides...
Move down to your lips, adore that pretty creation,
And when i see you smile, how do i explain about something more beautiful then ma imagination,
When the curve of you lips turn wide,
Nothing seems more pretty then those dimples on your face,
Everytime when i close my eyes,
Can never get my mind off your beautiful face...
The way you flip your hair, girl you get me overwhelmed,
And the scent of your hair girl, the fragrance will never end...

Girl you got the sweetest heart,
You really are a sweetheart,
Coz no one can care like the way you do for me,
Coz you always be there everytime i need you with me,
Your heart is true,
I need nothing when i got beautiful you...
To describe your beautiful soul, words won't be enough,
Your heart is pure, your soul is strong, even the word perfect won't be enough...

The beauty of your face, girl you get me hypnotized,
You will never leave ma mind, can never let you off ma eyes,
Have know about the seven wonders around the world, but my only wonder is you,
Neighter heavens can denie, girl there is only one in billion you,
There can never be another you...

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Last updated June 21, 2015