If You Ask Me

If you ask me,
Where do i always dreamed about to be.?
I'd say,
Right next to you,
Holding your hands right beside you,
Just wanna stay in your arms, with you,
ohh baby i just wanna be with you, wanna be with you...

If you ask me,
How long do i wish to stay.?
I'd say,
Maybe forever is not enough,
Even when the times are rough,
Baby all i need is your trust,
Promise i stay with you, i be with you...

If you ask me,
What i wish to see every morning i open ma eyes.?
I'd say,
Its always you i dream about late at night,
Just wanna see your face as i open ma eyes,
Just wanna see your smile and i be alright,
Just wanna see you oou, i wanna see you oou...

If you ask me,
What do i miss in you the most.?
I don't know from where should i start,
Not enough words to express ma heart,
Baby i miss with every beat of ma heart,
Coz even when we miles apart,
No matter wherever you are,
You always in ma heart...

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Last updated June 30, 2012