If I Got You

I know i have been feeling soo low,

Little lost, forgot the way home...

But how could i forget that i'm never alone,

How could i forget that you always there to catch me when i fall,

How could i forget that you always there to hold me alright long,

There have never been someone like you,

Who cared for me like the way you do,

How could i worry when your heart is so true,

How could i feel so low if i got you,

How could i feel so lost if i got you,

I'm never alone if i got you...

You the strenght of ma heart,

Baby you ma way, place where ma life start,

You mean everything to me,

Girl now i promise to you from ma heart,

Promise i will never be scared,

Promise i will hold you right,

Promise i try and be a better man,

With you everythng is alright...

I will be a changed man,

I will be a good man,

Promise i be strong,

Coz baby with you i'm not alone...

Baby you make me complete, you make me your man,

Baby promise i will care the way you do,

Promise will make every dream come true,

Forever i will love you,

Never will i hurt you,

Baby this i promise you,

I be a changed man,

I gotta be you man..

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Last updated July 19, 2012