Without You

Never in my dreams did i thought life could be so mean to us,

Again on this lonely road, heart knows nobody to trust,

Just had the one, the one is you,

I just can't imagin my life without you...

Please don't ya say you wanna leave,

Don't ever loose your faith in me, you gotta believe me,

All i need is you to stay,

I promise i will find out some other way,

Someday i will take you away,

But all i'm is helpless today...

You said you don't ever wanna see ma face again,

But how do i tell, i just survive by watching your pics over and over again,

You said you don't wanna hear a word from me,

But all i'm waiting is for a voice from you to me...

I'm not alive without you,

Sooo lost without you,

Baby i Can't breathe without you,

I can't live ma life without you,

Please don't close your eyes on me,

Baby With ma every heartbeat i need you with me...

Baby you should know,

You will never free my soul,

No matter how far you go,

Coz you only know how much i love you,

If you only know how much i need you,

Baby i love you...

Won't you ever forgive me,

Won't you come back to me,

Every second of the time is counting on me,

This time i don't wanna be late to apologize,

Baby i will always need you by my side,

I Just wneed you to understand,

Promise, i will never leave your hand...

Eyes have been bleading so long,

It has been rainin all night long,

I don't wanna be alone,

Baby i don't wanna be alone...

I'm ready to wait, no matter till the end,

Just say you ready to wait, I won't let this relationship end...

I swear i will come back, just need is you to trust me,

I understand you, want to ease all your pain believe me...

If you leave me, this would be the end of my world,

Please say you wanna stay with me, i will make this world rise again...

I'm waiting for one miss call, a message from you is all i need,

Just wanna hear from you, that you still belong to me,

Coz i'm right here waiting for you, will wait for you girl no matter till the end,

Just hold my hand baby hold my hand, our relation just can't end...

Please come back to me i beg you,

Please stay close to me i need you,

You will stay, you will wait i still believe in you,

I will be living my life with this one trust,

Baby i trust you,

I love you,

Come back to me, i'm nothing without you,

Not living this live if i'm without you,

I need you,

I love you,

Please come back to me,

I won't survive without you...

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Last updated July 30, 2012