Adam & Eve

On a day washed by rain, fresh and bright
Neither shade nor sun ,just white light
Surveying the greenery,soothing to the eyes
I remembered the first love of the first life.
In the magnificient ampitheatre of paradise
with treasures that spread further than sight
Walked Eve straight from the stage of creation
into Adam’s life!
Adam woke up and could not believe his eyes
as he faced God’s breathtaking surprise
He felt something missing in his chest
Had come alive
She smiled innocently wide eyed
Tender feelings in his soul begun to rise
Said she “adam please show me paradise”
Adam obliged and she exclaimed what beauty. what delight!
Said Adam looking in her eyes
Paradise was not without you ,paradise.
She blushed, " you too are very kind and nice"
tranquil feelings between them arise
and God announced Adam dwell in bliss with your wife.
And the rest of the story know you may
But I’ll stop here for the sake of this pleasant day.
When everything looked perfect
As it does today.

Azam Siddiqui

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Last updated May 22, 2013