Those seven days

Time to enjoy, Sunday being a holiday,
With friends and relatives, for us it is a fun day,
A sea of celebrations, why wait near the shore,
Time for dive into it and do something more.

Why Monday after Sunday, we have no clues,
But start the week, waking up for the Monday morning blues,
Trying to remember the pending work of Friday, It is weekend hangover,
With discussions mainly on this, the day gets over.

Time to start work, time to get into some serious business,
Tuesday is a day where there is no room for dullness,
Initial jitters of what to pick, making us selective,
But then work starts making the day productive.

Deep into the work, No chance to deviate,
It is Wednesday; we are in a different world mate,
That is why I think we don’t have much to say,
No wonder, it is the mid week day.

It is beautiful to know that tomorrow is Friday,
And that week would set and weekend would rise, but today is Thursday,
Lots of work to do, questioning our ability,
But working hard and finishing the most of it, showing our responsibility.

Weekend to start, so here is the teaser,
Time to get slosh, time for some hangover,
With a feeling of having 2 days off, the fire within gets ignited,
Friday evening is the best which makes us delighted.

Waking up late, as Friday night was full of party,
This is Saturday; enjoying the weekend with time plenty,
With one more day left, makes us feel calm,
Time to rejuvenate, and this day is the balm.

Vinaya Kumar Hanumanthappa

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Hi, I am Vinay from Bangalore, India. I am a software engineer by profession. I see myself as (V)ery (I)nteresting, (N)atural and (A)dmirable (Y)oungster :), I believe in making world a beautiful place to live by expressing our feelings, thoughts, experiences, learning and many more through poetry., I blog @Simply Vinaya,

Last updated October 11, 2013