I don’t want to have you

by Vinko Kalinic

to have! to have! to have! that verb spinns around the world globe like tornado. one very small intimate selfishness tumbled up. and stamps over! stamps over! stamps over!...until it wades over everything that makes sense. and what is beautiful.

even ourselves.

I read that some lunatics are buying parcels on Moon. even stars too.

imagine the sky without stars? – these, from which ones I could draw your face full of unfilled desires. in thousand versions. every time a different one. and on what that shore I would listen to the sea, in the deep night when it whispers to me about you. or in the early morning. and sometimes even in the middle of the bright day. when it hits us. – on Moon?

I don’t want to have you!

you, from whom – like from the wind too! – and when you’re not here everything is full. just I’d like to give you this bit of me. that what I am. and all I possess. just to know that you are here. so you can ring in my ears. you can unravel my hair. and caress my face.

so it would not forget to shiver for the warmth.

Vinko Kalinic

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Vinko Kalinić was born 1974 in Split, Croatia. He is a writer, journalist and human rights activist. He lives on the island of Vis. He is the editor of the internet portal My island of Vis, which is dedicated to life on the island and the Mediterranean culture. Also on facebook Vinko Kalinić daily writes his poetic diary, which tracks more than 2 300 fans. - http://vinkokalinic.blogspot.com/

Last updated September 28, 2011