O Lord, how I thank thee
To have thy love so close to me.

To be forgiven, to be redeemed
To be able to head upstream.

Lord, I'll work hard, I'll do my best
I'll keep thy commandments, I'll have no rest.

I'll come to forgive, I'll come to forget
The sins of my brethren, and all of their debt.

But two more things that have to get done,
Fasting and prayer can't go undone.

So Lord I'll ask thee one more thing,
That thy spirit may fill my soul,
So this repentance can be made whole.

Salt Lake City, Utah

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I was born in 1992 in Guarico, Venezuela. Moved to the United states in 2003, finished Culinary school and became a Latter Day Saint in 2012., Being in love with art I not only cook, and draw, but now I paint and write, and of course create poems. I'm a big fan of Ernest Hemingway, and he along with Bob Dylan influence my poetry style quite a bit., My website is

Last updated July 09, 2013