Remembring Past

Suddenly an old thing came to my mind
Made me feel joyous and act like a kid
It was my past when many ways I had to find
And the time when many things I had to hid.

Things of joy are always remembered
Things of worry I try to forget
Both these things I always have shared
With my companions for oft. I met.
Sorrows and delights make up the past
Sorrows and delights make up the future
For the past they do long last
And for the future they make up my nature.

Walking in the streets, I saw a person
Talking to him I asked his name
He told me I was going in vain
And laughingly said "Your past I am"

I am just a begginer in the field of poetry... writing makes me think and thinking makes me write... that's all what I have....

Last updated June 18, 2015