I haven't betrayed you, my hometown

by Mirela Sula

I’m leaving…
My poor shadow remains
There, wandering on the streets
In the grip of gigantic shades
Though sick, I’m leaving
Hidden under covered wounds
Without medicine
I’m leaving…
How am I leaving?
I still hear earthly songs
Following me down the Childhood Mines
My skin chapped of the saddening epidemic
Makes me suffocate with its yellow color
I’m leaving…
Roads winding downwards
No one knows where they lead to
Cold weather
Hanging itself on my eyes
The never made sins stay locked
In the prison of my body
I don’t know
Why I’m carrying them with me

You killed me…
Unwisely, but you killed me
To spare your own selve
I saw the culprits seeing me out
At the door of my hometown
I was sorry
To leave them behind
I was sorry to leave you behind
My hometown
Melting away like a snow
Didn’t you feel sorry to see me go?
My ears red with innocence and the cold

I haven’t betrayed you my hometown!
Since I first touched your body
I’ve loved you
I’ve been defending you
Now, I’m leaving you
This is all I knew
I’ve been feeding with the freshness of your sky
Your body and soul…
How can you deny me?
My hometown,
You killed me
Because I loved you beyond my consciousness

I am leaving now…
Carpeting your streets with the gravel of love
People keep walking with their eyes closed
Unceasingly, I’m carpeting the frozen ice of your streets
With all I own, so the other people won’t fall down like me before

Mirela Sula

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Mirela is born in Albania (1975). After her studies in Albanian and International Literature then she graduated with a Master Degree in Counseling and Psychology (University of Sheffield). She also has finished Master on Positive Psychotherapy and is specializing in Family Therapy. She has worked as Editor in Chief of “Psychology” Magazine. Actually she is publisher of “Psycho-style” Magazine. She is Lecturer at different Universities in Tirana for the Faculty of Psychology and Executive Director of Albanian Center for Positive Psychotherapy., She practice meditation :-), Published books, 1995- “Permission to live” poetry, 1997- “Living in half” prose, 1998- “Elvana” prose, 2000- “Ani Piterpani” poetry, 2001- “Weekend with Flora” prose, 2002- “The spring came late” poetry, 2002- “Horizonte” Italian anthology, 2003- “Map of pain” poetry, 2003- “Eyes of Struga” anthology, 2004- “The things that does not pertain to as” poetry, 2005- “The divided passion” Novel, 2006- “The white lie” poetry, 2008- “When I pass in your soul” poetry, 2010 – Translator of the book “If you want something that you never had then you do something that you never did” – Nossrat Peseschkian, 1212 – Translator of the book “Getting the love you want” – Harville Hendrix, Author of several articles in daily newspapers in Albania

Last updated April 14, 2012