Further you go... Longer you stay

I once lived with you

Liked my days and lived as you

Gave my life for my heart that beats

Threw me out like worn out seeds

Never looked back... you've left me 'n' gone

Passed the days where you've shown

At the places where we were to live

Etching our days with joy to give

For this soul doesn't have a heart to beat

Melts everywhere with you under my sheet(eye)

For you've left me and gone for now

Sees me as a passer every now

But this soul can't think of a day alone

For you've showed me a way and grown

To a weed that drinks my blood everyday

Which am happy to give for one more day

When i'll see the eyes that showed me love

For the soul that left me and gone away now

Isn't really For, for stays with my eyes

Stays back and makes me cry

May lone i am but may you live in peace

For the further i think... my heart makes me seize.

Thats the things i can lay

For the dreams and thank you long the way

As further i go... you melt my way

For the further i go... the longer you stay!

Akshay Raja

Akshay Raja's picture

Akshay here! this poet has written 110+ poems and is still trying to improve his works. if you think my poems are well ( i think i need to improve those) pls dont hesitate to comment. also check my blog for my latest updates akshaypoems.blogspot.com. that's all folks!

Last updated October 04, 2016