The day i first met her
She moved along like a timed slide show
With grace and chaste in her stride
Swinging her hips like a desert Carmel
And stepping on the ground like it hurts.

That’s when i first saw her.

Meeting her was a dream come true,
Speaking to her was like melting the snow.
Her voice like the ocean singing low
With no turbulent waves to alter the flow.

That’s when i first met her.

Touching her was like food to a pauper
Her skin smooth like a silk wall
Her body soft like sheep wool

That’s when i first touched her.

Holding her in my arms,
Being with her all my life
...was never imagined
For it never happened


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a degree holder in the drama and literature disciplines, an amateur writer but with the zeal and passion for the writing art and arts in general...enthusiastic and i keep a low profile...., I almost lost lost my sanity but i managed to recreate my self through my writing and i write best in hard and depressing/frustrating situations.

Last updated January 30, 2012